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Our Expertise

Web backend apps

We talk Ruby, Rails, Python, Java and JavaScript. If we need database we will use Postgree, Redis or ElasticSearch.

Web frontend apps

In early days we played with Flash, now we play with React and Angular

B2B & B2C

We built valualble platforms in both areas.

Process based approach

We uses Agile Development to create your product quickly and efficiently.

Research & Strategy

The foundation of every successful project starts with understanding the problem and creating the plan to solve it.

Web Development

From front-end to back-end, we code it all and break it down in a language you can understand.


We are developers, not desigers. We partner with the best local and remote designers and UI experts to deliver best visual identity.

Web Design

Our partner graphic designers are not only artists, they're problem-solvers who know the value of your online presence.

Data Visualization

Taking something complex and making it simple. We make it that easy.


We are an idea generating machine. Developing new products, new technologies, and new ways of thinking is our way of life.


We believe in taking abstract concepts and quickly creating tangible examples. The faster we get to reality, the better.


Whether it's live-action or animation, we tell visual stories in HiDef.